Saturday, December 18, 2010

Giving In to Being THAT Person

Merry Christmas!
Cat Ladies

Yes, after decades of swearing I'd never be the person who takes a Christmas photo with my pet, here we are on the steps of our new home, red and green flannels declaring the season.

But having come very close to losing the sweet, dopey lap kitty on the left only a week ago, it seems right for me to share the ways the furry ones enrich our lives.

These creatures are always present: loving beings who are aware of us constantly. They sense a change of mood, a change of tone, and respond with unconditional love (yes, they want food, too--don't you?!). Often people associate such traits with dogs only, but in each kitty I've been blessed with attentive and responsive affection, playfulness and a joy that only an animal can bestow. 

We've had these two for 10 years. Who knows how much longer they'll be a part of our lives, but I give thanks that we have the opportunity to know such love as animals bring.

I hope you have also known that kind of joy!
Merry Christmas.