Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Five; Sacraments... all is holy?

Sieger Köder
Over at RGBP, Sally posted: This Friday Five stems from some questions that have been running around my head and heart recently and are squeezing their way out through my blog here and again here--So I'd like to ask you some simple questions about the sacraments:

1. What does the Lord's supper/ Eucharist mean to you?
Holy Communion—communion with Spirit, with community, with self. It is a re-membering of Christ’s broken body—no longer broken when we gather and work for God’s Shalom…
2. How important is preparation for this, and what form does it take?
Our congregation allows “any and all” to come to the Table—“no matter who you are or where you are life’s journey.” The significant part for me is the sharing with others and honoring what Jesus was striving to create (even as a kid I loved “playing” communion with my juice and bread).
3. What does baptism mean to you?
For me it is a welcoming into a wider family of faith, one where we all make covenant with the one being baptized, and s/he is making covenant (or parents are making covenant) with the community of faith—promising to seek, teach, live the Gospel as best we’re able—failing and returning, failing and returning…
4. How important is preparation for baptism and what form does it take?
It’s important for me to hear how the one being baptized (or parents) understands this sacrament, and for them to hear that our congregation does not consider it a cleansing of original sin to keep the person from going to hell. Rather, it is a covenant with God and community and self that is real, not just a one-time, “yeah, I did that.” I’m preparing a couple confirmands for their baptism, and they are taking the questions more seriously than most parents—I love this!
5. A quote/ poem/ song that brings you before God in a sacramental way, and helps you to engage at a deeper level...
Tears of connection and mystery came when I found this poem by The Reverend Dr. Alla Renee Bozarth several years ago:

Maria Sacerdota—
Mary, Protopriest of the New Covenant

Before Jesus
was his mother.

Before supper
in the upper room,
breakfast in the barn.

Before the Passover Feast,
a feeding trough.
And here, the altar
of earth, fair linens
of hay and seed.

Before his cry,
her cry.
Before his sweat
of blood, her bleeding
and tears.
Before his offering, hers.

Before the breaking
of bread and death,
the breaking of her
body in birth.
Before the offering
of the cup,
the offering of her
Before his blood,
her blood.
And by her body and blood
alone, his body and blood
and whole human being.

The wise ones knelt
to hear the woman's word
in wonder.
Holding up her sacred child,
her God in the form of a babe,
she said: "Receive and let
your hearts be healed
and your lives be filled
with Love, for
this is my body,
this is my blood."

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday

Does he lie there, in tomb’s stillness, 
              and think?
Does he roll over in his grave
               replaying the conversations that killed him?
Does his sweaty stench, trapped in death’s wrappings, 
            raise his gorge?
Does an angel sit beside him, even now,
            whispering the abracadabra
                      of resurrection? 

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