Friday, July 13, 2012

Second Friday F5

It's the Second Friday of the Month Friday Five...

...and you know what that means--yet another edition of a Random Friday Five!
So, without further ado, let's get our random on!
Sadly, I’ve been away from the F5 for so long that I didn’t know what that meant… but I do now! Thanks, RevGals, for the random.

1.  If a spaceship landed in your back yard, and three very cute little aliens knocked on your door and asked you to show them around Earth, where would you take them?  (Remember, you have superpowers from last month's Second Friday Five, so if you need to use them for transportation, feel free to do so.)
Ocean. Stand on the beach and watch the waves through a whole day and night.
                Desert. Beware the prickly pointy plants that have adapted to survive!
Mountains. Breathe (if they do!) the thinner air and feel the cool of tree-shade and bare sun.
                City. Know the thrust of human imagination.

2.  What is making you grumpy these days?
My body and its achiness; my mind and its slowness to respond to my body’s desire for better health. Wah.

3.  O.K., so now that you got the grumps out, what is one thing today that will be sheerly joyful for you?
It’s my day off! And I’m preparing for a week of continuing education, so I will find a new-to-me book to take with me and just walk around town (I love just walking around town).   

4.  I am pitifully, once again, trying to grow a garden.   Last year I only harvested one cucumber.   This year, I have zucchini, cucumbers and tiny tomato plants.   Everything is abloom, but the jury is out whether there will be any yield.   So, do YOU have a garden?  What are you growing?   If you don't, what is your favorite fresh summertime vegetable/fruit/flower?
I do not garden. Plant life looks at me and laughs until it dies. However, I love other people’s gardens (which, happily, are all around my home!). I’m also fond of their fresh herbs that they share with me.  

5.  If the aforementioned aliens suddenly demanded all the contents of your closet, OR ELSE (as in clothing, shoes,  etc.) but kindly said you could keep three items, what would they be?
This is not a fair question—aliens would never be so cruel! Therefore, I cannot answer. (oh how sad for me)