Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Five: Quiet and Simple Edition

Rev. Pat Raube at RevGalBlogPals offers:

  Our Friday Five is very simple today. Share five ways you've learned to care for yourself when life becomes overwhelming. What does the pastor do after a rough day in the office, or at meetings, or at a bedside, or even, in the pulpit? Share your best five self-care strategies, and, with any luck, we all will learn at least one or two new ones.
  A blessed, peaceful, restorative Friday to you all. 
  1. As I am now: coffee in hand, morning sounds, pen and paper ready to go...
  2. A walk--fast or slow or in between. Quiet and listening for God's word...
  3. Tears. Tears are refreshing for me. Can't do that in the pulpit often, but...
  4. Not a parent, spending time with a wee friend of mine is self-care. She just turned one, so how long will it remain self-caring?   :)
  5. If it were possible, staring out at that image in the picture...but not a picture! THAT would be be beautiful self-care.