Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Five: Advent to Christmas

over at RGBP, janintx writes:

As we prepare in our churches and homes for Christmas to arrive, we are moving through Advent. It is a time of waiting, expectation and preparation. However, being human, it is also a season of stress and worry.
For this Friday Five, share how you are in this transition of Advent to Christmas. As the Savage Chickens cartoon shows us, we alternate between “cinnamon and panic”! Write about 5 aspects of cinnamon or panic you are experiencing or whatever is in between; maybe mention how you are reminded to stay in the present holy moment.

Cinnamon: Christmas is very close (here!) when I get to visit with a dear friend from seminary days on our once-a-year update overnight. Yes, adults still do sleepovers! It’s the only way to catch up as fully as a whole year deserves.

Panic: Will the 4th Sunday of Advent, Christmas Eve, and Christmastide bulletins all get done so our admin assistant doesn’t have to work every day of the holiday? Will I finish something for January 12, since I’m taking vacation from New Year until then? Will I really get to relax on vacation??

Cinnamon: There’s a small pile of wrapped gifts for friends sitting in our living room. I love wrapping gifts, so it’s a delight to see them waiting to be given.

Panic: Will I really be able to continue/finish the daily Advent blogging that I began? I don’t want to disappoint any church members, but we’re in the crunch time, here, so…

Cinnamon: Just before Christmas, I get to do what I love most about my ministry—visit visit visit! Yes, sometimes the visits are sad or hard or feel too time-crunched between other visits, but this is what I was called to do, be present. Thanks be to God!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Five: Let’s Pray Together

Today’s post over at RevGalBlogPals reads:
I am always grateful for the prayers of others, but I am especially touched when someone asks, “How may I pray for you?”

During this season of fullness, how may we pray for each other?

How may we:
   Pray for you…
discernment, wisdom, givingness*, and guidance (& the willingness to follow)
   Pray for someone you carry on your heart…
release, joy, enough-ness
   Offer thanksgiving with you…
for remembering!
   Ask God’s blessing in your life…
upon groundedness and strength
   Lift up anything else in your heart…
love for my congregation and the UCC as a whole—that it may continue to serve God’s kin-dom to the best of its ability; love for my family and all that they have given me (from faith to money to love to …  all of it)

Thank you for your prayers! Now I’m heading to other F5 players to pray with you, too.

[As an aside, this F5 fits beautifully with my Advent meditation today over at In Praise of Sophia, so I invite you to stop by there, too!]

*yes, “generosity” would be the real word here, but “givingness” is the soul word that speaks to me