Saturday, February 19, 2011

To FC, With Love

I'm having some kind of new love affair with Fort Collins. 
We're in our 7th year living here, but ever since we moved to the downtown area a couple months ago--where I can walk to most places that I enjoy in this town--I've been enamored of everything I see and encounter. 

The people make me laugh with delight: walking home from work this week I freaked out 2 undergrads trying to hide their joint as I followed them through a hidden pathway; yesterday a skateboarder almost went head-on into a tree as he passed me wishing a good morning; and "gentleman" Liberty, with his dancing and swirling, kept dropping his tax sign on the side of the road!

Some of the images that make me smile in this big-little-town:

Cool streetlamp near Mason, where the train runs down the middle of the street

Fun & Silly Signs

New locally-owned coffee shop that I love

The train that I ran to beat over Mason Street.... my new red boots